“Karate is not an overnight experience.  It does not take a week, month, year or a decade.  It takes a lifetime!”
Welcome to our dojo…a message from Kyoshi Emmanuel Borbon
With over twenty years of experience and dedication to the art of karate, mastering the physical aspect of karate is not the goal I expect the students to achieve. Karate is but a foundation which the student can use to build on to find his/herself in the Lord. Finding God within the student as one of His children is the ultimate goal.
My teaching consists of three parts which assist the student in discovering inner-peace:
  1. Physical Training
  2. Mental Discipline
  3. Spiritual Awareness.
Physical Training
Through physical training, students are expected to build strength, speed and agility.  With time and practice, the student becomes more aware of his/her body, is more physically coordinated, and is able to react quickly and naturally.
Mental Discipline
Strength of mind will come thorough learning the many forms and customs of karate.  Karate demands obedience, respect, and discipline.  Only by developing a strong mind will these things come naturally to the student.
Spiritual Awareness
“Not by might nor by power, but through the spirit, saith the Lord” (Zechariah 4:6)  This is the backbone of my teachings.  Physical might and mental prowess alone are not enough.  It requires awareness of God’s spirit to help the student develop inner peace.  Through karate I have found peace within myself and have discovered reserves of self-confidence and self-discipline that I never knew existed.  God has enriched my life through my dedication to this sacred art form.  He can enrich yours as well.